Need Something Unspeakable Done...?

Images of death

Bullied, Insulted, DisRespected?

Were you bullied? Wronged? Cheated? Insulted? Disrespected?

Know Who to Blame

Do you know someone who deserves to suffer? Will you enjoy again and again the pictures and sound of your vengeance being carried out?

Revenge is Good

Revenge is our specialty, aggression and overwhelming brutality our standard operating procedure. Less than 10% of our clients report experiencing guilt.

We Do It Because We Love It...!

View of an arena

Two Thousand Years

For two thousand years gladiators have trained and fought in Rome. For too many wasted years we fought each other to entertain the public.

We Want to Help You

Now the power and special cruelty of the gladiator is available to anyone who needs it. All it takes is money and desire.

You choose the pain

You choose the harm, we will provide proof of both the process and the outcome. For a no-obligation quotation go to our Quotations Page page and fill in the details.

Worried about come-back...?

Stylised blood dripping

No Consequences

Now there's no need to consider the consequences - we take all the risks and you enjoy all the gory details. Video, photographs and audio can all be provided as you prefer.

It's Time to Retaliate

Ever dreamed of retaliating but were afraid of the consequences? Can you imagine that person's face when confronted by one of these ferocious warriors in full battle dress?

No accidental killings

Rest assured nothing will be done until payment has been received in full.

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